How to Make Sure Your Remodeling Project is a Dream, Not a Nightmare - Paul Kowalski Builders

Partnering with a firm that provides you with plans, renderings and vignettes allows you to see how your vision will come to life. Then, you can have confidence that what you want to achieve is achievable before you build it.

5 Things to Consider Before a Large-scale Remodel Project

Here are the five things that you should consider before embarking on a large-scale remodel. If you want to move forward, Paul Kowalski Builders can elevate the remodeling experience through our unique ability to collaborate, design and create high-quality, custom projects.

What Makes PKB a Unique Design / Build Company?

At Paul Kowalski Builders our Design-Build approach offers a curated, professional process, whether you are building from the ground up, putting on an elegant addition or remodeling your existing home. Our exceptional team collaborates to bring your dreams to life, on time and on budget.

Remodeling to Age in Place

When family members age or develop mobility issues, modifications may be needed to their home. Paul Kowalski Builders is certified in Universal Design to create spaces that are elevated and equitable.